Even though we emphasised that Forwarding is Outsourcing we made an exception in one field of our logistic range which is WAREHOUSING.
Over the years we outsourced the storage of our customers products and we experienced that nobody could meet our requirements. Therefore we decided to do it ourselves and opened a warehouse in Vlaardingen in 2016. Not only did we open a warehouse but made sure to make it a CUSTOMS LICENSED WAREHOUSE. We remained there for 4 years.

Unfortunately, since the warehouse was older, we had to make a move again this year in order to keep the service level up for our excisting customers and to have the opportunity to bring in other customers for whom we need the height and the possibilities we have now.
We have entered a cooperation with another warehousing company where we can do our own handlings and make use of all the facilities they can provide.

We can store cargo which is not in free circulation yet and offer a number of additional services likedaily updates on the inventory via the K&L inventory management app, cross-docking, discharging and loading of containers including reefers. Of course we don’t’ stop here because, since we are used to offer full package deals to ourcustomers, we are able to arrange the necessary customs handlings, order-picking, palletizing, sealing, re-packing, weighing and transport from warehouse to final destination by any means required.
Needless to say this has led to a much higher level of satisfaction with our customers.